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GSI Adds Low Clearance Limited Access Capabilities

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GSI Mid-Atlantic, Inc. has added a Geoprobe 54lt to it’s fleet. The 54lt is a capable limited access and low clearance machine. The machine will fit through a standard 36″ doorway allowing access to inside most buildings, as well as through small fence openings and other narrow previously inaccessible areas.  Our 54lt is equipped with a low clearance probe cylinder that allows the machine to operate with under 8′ of overhead clearance, perfect for low parking garages and inside of buildings.

GSI Mid-Atlantic, Inc. injects RegenOx PetroCleanze in Northern Virginia.

GSI Mid-Atlantic, Inc. was contracted to mix and inject Regenesis’s RegenOx PetroCleanze at a commercial warehouse LUST site in Northern Virginia.  Regenesis describes RegenOx PetroCleanze as, “a customized formulation of the widely used RegenOx in situ chemical oxidation technology whose primary function is to increase the desorption rates of hydrocarbons bound in saturated soil and make them available for more efficient and rapid treatment.”

Injections were performed in a series of three one day events spread approximately a month apart.  During each injection event approximately 100 gallons of chemical was mixed and injected through each of four Geoprobe borings, spaced around a central monitoring well.  The consultant followed each event with a vacuum fluid recovery event from the monitoring well to recover any product mobilized from the soil as a result of the PetroCleanze injections.

If deemed successful to remove contaminant mass, additional events or a larger scale chemox injection may follow.


Nice views of National Harbor

Recent job site with nice views of National Harbor!

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