Welcome to GSI Mid-Atlantic, Inc. (GSI), the leading direct-push (Geoprobe©) service provider in the region. We service Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. While some environmental drilling and contractors own Geoprobe© equipment and offer direct-push services, GSI Mid-Atlantic, Inc. specializes in it. Direct-push is what we do. Our experience in direct-push dates back to the late 1980's and early 1990's when Geoprobe© and direct-push were first used on environmental sites.

GSI utilizes the latest machine and tool developments available, coupled with talented, experienced, and reliable operators. Our fleet of modern truck and track mounted Geoprobe© equipment allow us to complete small half-day jobs up to large scale government and industrial contracts efficiently. Our extensive experience in the industry makes us not only competent to complete your job, but also an invaluable resource in the planning of your job. Let us show you how direct-push services by GSI can help you accomplish your site goals, while keeping costs down.

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